About us

Shanti Kids is a Preschool – Elementary dedicated to offering fun, age appropriate classes where all children can learn not only through play and exploration, but also by having an academic program that matches their individual learning capabilities. Our curriculum is designed to instill confidence and help each child grow academically, physically, socially, and cognitively in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our experienced certified staff wants children to feel comfortable and safe while they experiment, learn, create, and question.

By observing the strengths and interests of each child, our teachers create activities that allow children to explore the world, make discoveries and develop their cognitive, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social capacities.

Our Services

Our Center serves children beginning with infants and up to four years old through our Preschool classes, and from Kindergarten up to complete fifth grade through our private Elementary school classes. We also offer camps during the summer for all children up to twelve years old.

What we do

Our curriculum emphasizes the child’s natural abilities, skills and aptitude, developing and nurturing the child in ways that encourage the development of new and inherent talents.  Our program constructs upon the child’s prior experience and knowledge because our experience and research has shown that children are better at constructing their own knowledge than we are at teaching it. Therefore, walking them through the different stages of knowledge is one of the ways we guarantee they receive the very best education.

The core of our curriculum focuses on the child’s neuroplasticity – which is the human brain’s capacity for change in response to our experiences and activities. By molding our curriculum around the child’s inherit ability to learn we allow the children to unlock endless possibilities by which they could become more creative, peaceful, and productive.

The key concept is developed daily in all of our activities focusing primarily in:

Improve the body-brain senses

Through physical activity, with enhanced sensory awareness and mindfulness training, we begin to improve our students’ physical health and more importantly – their focus

Challenge our students

Challenging our students with mental fitness exercises and various physical activities, we help their brain become more flexible, adaptable and resilient.

Encourage Emotional Equilibrium

Teaching our students how to release negative emotions and memories with confidence-building exercises, we enable them to free themselves from anxiety and stress, leading to emotional balance where positive attitudes are nurtured resulting in beneficial behaviors.